Go Team, Go

31st August 2005

Holy crap! Business Week has nominated Mighty Goods in the Shopping category of its Best of Web. As if that isn’t enough of a score, eBay and Amazon are among the other nominees. Ulp.

As you might have guessed, the Goliaths are kicking ass, but I think that’s mostly because they have staffs in the hundreds, all of whom change out of pajamas and wash the Cheet-o powder from their faces before they go to work.

However only 500 people have voted, and I think there may be close to 502 of you, possibly even 503. So please help me take ’em, dear readers. You can do that by going to Business Week, looking for the “Play” header, clicking on shopping and voting for Mighty Goods. Easy as pie.

Thanks for your help. You guys rock.