Mighty Life List
Feb 28 2005

Little Lambs

Judith got a photo of my sheepcakes.

Feb 28 2005


Things you don’t expect Matt to say when you’re watching the Oscars:

“Wait! Go back. Hit clear. I want to see her purse.”

Feb 28 2005


Results are in for The Morning News Tournament of books! You can read my review of An Unfinished Season by Ward Just and The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat. The last round came down to Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell versus The Plot Against America by Philip Roth.

Last week was so hectic that I forgot to link to my latest At Auction piece for the Times, “Cocktail Sets the Rat Pack Would Love” it appeared in the Circuits section last Thursday.

Feb 24 2005

Red Flag

A word to the wise, gentlemen. If you’re in line for a unisex bathroom, and you’re flirting with the young lady in line behind you, don’t leave the toilet seat up.

Feb 22 2005

I’m Kottke’s New Boss

He’s blogging professionally now. If you read his stuff, you too can be the boss of him by throwing a little grocery money his way.

Feb 21 2005

You Know, Like Coca-Cola Jingles

I subscribe to a newsletter called TrendCentral, and one of last week’s newsletters contained the following blurb:

“Musical Roads: In Japan, the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute has embedded grooves into sections of roads, which boom a tune up through cars. They’re in the process of planning different melodies for different locations, picking songs that are somehow associated with the locale.”

In a related program, the tollbooth operators are passing out complimentary pieces of chewing tinfoil and bamboo slivers just big enough to fit under drivers’ toenails.

Feb 17 2005

It Tickles My Funny Bone

Jen just posted another song for Arlo from Uncle Liam. We heart Uncle Liam!