Mighty Life List
Jan 25 2005

Clubs That Would Have you as a Member

Scenario: A woman tells her friend why she had to dump the guy.

“The big irony is that I was there first, I was ready, and he pushed me away. Then he was like, ‘I love you… I love the smell of you.’ I felt this huge responsibility. Like, ohmigod this person loves me this much. How can I live up to that?”

Jan 24 2005

Something to Crow About

The Morning News is holding its first annual tournament of books, and I’m one of the judges. Tune in to see whose book is awarded the coveted Rooster.

Jan 20 2005


I did another At Auction piece for the New York Times, “Warm Cookies Baked for Cold, Hard Cash.” Please go read it.

Jan 20 2005

Ebay: the End is Nigh

Two-Headed Calf

“Is it a boy? Is it a girl? It may be both. This auction is for a genuine real two headed baby calf. Died shortly after birth and owner had it mounted. Was taken to taxidermist who confirmed it was authentic. You can’t get this at Walmart.”

Jesus M&M (as seen on CNN)

“While at work a coworker purchased some chocolate covered peanuts from a gumball type machine. (You know those machines that all stores have by the entrance to get your children to buy a handful of sugar!!) In that handful of M&M this piece of candy stood out, because it was different. After showing it to several coworkers, some made the comment that they could see an image. Some could see Jesus other people have viewed the item and thought it looked more like Jay Leno, Elvis or other images. In this crazy world of ours there are a lot of people claiming to have images found all around them, so why is it not possible that the beholder could not see Jesus in this.”

Jan 20 2005


This woman on the sidewalk has two black eyes. A large butterfly bandage bridges her nose, extends up over her eyebrows, and reaches down near the corners of her mouth. I smile at her. She gives me an exaggerated apologetic look, as though she’s offended me by passing.

Jan 17 2005

The People That You Meet

I adore this project. You take photos of the people in your neighborhood holding signs that have the lyrics to the “Sesame Street” song. Heather and Derek did a great one.

Jan 13 2005

A-A-A Is for Awesome

AHHHHHHH! My new favorite thing is Uncle Liam’s theme song for the Baby Arlo Show. It is riotous. Go watch it now. Uncle Liam needs his own kids’ show.