Mighty Life List
Oct 26 2016

Halloween Costume Basics for Babies Toddlers

I spent way too long looking for base pieces in multiple colors that make a good starting point for homemade baby or toddler costumes. These are all available via Amazon Prime, so you can still get them in time without fitting in a run to the store. Here you go:


A baby pilot cap in BLACK for $10. Boom. In 6 months size, they also have blue, yellow, and pink. The nice thing about these is if you pin costume embellishments to them, you can reuse.


If you need a shirt, it’s cheaper to just order a pack of long-sleeved onesies. I’ll use the rest of the colors anyway. These are $16 for four, and come in a bunch of colors: red, black, brown, blue onesies, and tan, purple, pink, navy onesies.


Leveret baby leggings also come in a zillion solid colors, which supposedly match this brand’s onesies, according to a few reviews, but ymmv. Two for $12.

If reusing the costume as clothes is a main goal, consider Primaries, which are just solid-colored kids clothes in every color. Great quality. It’s most of Ozzy’s wardrobe.

Happy Halloween, guys!

Oct 19 2016

Nasty Woman T-Shirts

The debate made me feel panicky and furious. And so we registered I’m With Nasty.


We made Nasty Woman T-shirts,


and Nasty Hats,


and Such a Nasty Woman pins,


and Make America Nasty pins (Michelle’s idea, because she’s a genius).

50% of profits go to the Hillary for America campaign. We’re paying rush fees to get them to you as soon as we can. Let’s fight this man who thinks no one respects women… more than him.

America, I’m with Nasty.

Oct 14 2016

Spiced Pumpkin Rum Toddy


You’re warm, you’re cozy, you need to stand up more slowly from your chair. You can’t really tell these have booze in them, so pace yourself.

• Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy Tea
• Kraken Rum
• Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage

Brew a half-mug of tea, add a shot of rum, top off with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage. It’s not an exact science but you can’t really go wrong here.

Here’s to the smell of dirt under the leaves you waited too long to rake, oversize cable-knit sweaters with sleeves you can pull your hands up inside, rain beads on the window.

This is my 20th cocktail toward my Life List goal to create 100 cocktails. A fifth of the way there baby.

Oct 5 2016

Solid Copy in the Wild


“Employees and customers, wash your hands. Don’t be gross.” – Bathroom sign at The Mill

Oct 4 2016

Tot of Gold

Photo by Rebecca Woolf.

Fable asked for rainbow hair for her birthday, and Rebecca made it go. Gorgeous.

Sep 30 2016

Fridaaaaay, Links!


I used to fantasize about finding a subsidy to paint all the Oakland homes along the BART tracks. Look at what street-artist group German Crew did to the white houses pictured above.

Pretty Poison is “backyard-inspired” warehouse bar in Bali, with an empty pool for skateboarders.

13 Houseplants You Can’t Kill

Fall! It’s super-chunky knit blanket weather.

I found perfect velvet shoes that are too expensive for me, and too small for me. Do you need velvet shoes?

A pretty present for the friend you’ll want to have around when you’re an old person.

A giant moon balloon blew away and rolled through the streets of China.

This solar-powered graffiti is so pleasant.

Sep 24 2016

Rose Apricot and Purple Rose Apricot


Purple Rose Apricots are better than Rose Apricots.

Taste 1,00 Fruits is on my Life List. I’ve tasted more than 100 so far, and if you’re a fruit person too you can see more of them over at Go Mighty.