Mighty Life List
Mar 25 2017

Parody of Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like”

This parody is incredible. They really committed.

Mar 23 2017

3 Fish Studios


I stopped by 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco the other day to see my friends Annie and Eric, and fell for one of Annie’s happy doodles. If you have $25, you can have one too.

Mar 22 2017


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.46.57 AM

Booze Tubes are flasks packaged to look like tampons. Genius.

Mar 21 2017

Slowing Down


Taping this to the wall. Having a toddler around is a constant reminder of how irritating it is to rush.

Mar 20 2017

Atopalm Face Cream


Hello! This isn’t an ad, it’s a thing I use. My friend Tess and I like to give everyday things we love as presents, so I thought I’d start telling you about some of mine. Atopalm is top of the pops.

I have dry, sensitive skin, and I’ve been using Atopalm Face Cream on my face and neck for about five years. It’s perfect in the following ways:

• Not crazy expensive, it’s about $25 for a 3.4 oz jar, and I don’t need to use much at a go.
• It goes on light, very moisturizing but not greasy, and it soaks in completely.
• The fragrance is very faint, and doesn’t compete with my perfume. If I had to nail it down, I’d say faintly citrusy?
• It layers well, so I can use it with sunscreen and foundation and my makeup doesn’t slide around.

I use it in the morning under my makeup and before bed in combination with a few other products for fine lines, and so forth. Anyway, good stuff.

Do you have any skin creams you swear by? I’m curious because I feel like it takes forever to find the right one for your particular skin.

Mar 17 2017

Fridaaaay! Links

This weekend we’re going to the Presidio Picnic, repotting plants, and letting the baby run around in his diaper. What are you up to?

BBC Babies Gif: Do not try to stop them.

Want to see Victoria Beckham’s collection for Target? This mod dress is so scooter-ready.

Charming embroidered foods by ipnot. Those noodles, aw.

Hair dye that changes color like a mood ring. Magic.

Entry from the nightmare dictionary: Superfetation. It’s getting pregnant while you’re already pregnant. (rabbit hole via Swiss Miss)

Emma Watson on feminism and the whinging over her “topless” Vanity Fair cover. That whole slideshow is worth clicking through, BTW.

We’re teaching Hank (and Brad) to cook, and most sites have a section on one-pot or one-pan meals. Jaime Oliver has 142, Martha Stewart lists 32, Cooking Light has 83, and so on.

The neckline on this vintage shirt is so Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn.

Toasty mug, mmmm.

F. Scott Fitzgerald made a list for his daughter of things to worry about (horsemanship), not worry about (boys), and things to think about (aims).

Happy weekend, nice people.

Mar 16 2017

Disney Bound: Alice in Wonderland


We totally bounded, you guys. (Bound? Boned? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s boned.) Last time we went to Disneyland, we dressed on an Alice in Wonderland theme.


Brad was the Mad Hatter.


I was one of the playing cards.


Brad made Hank a Cheshire Cat shirt, tooth by iron-on tooth.


Gah! This kid. Ozzy was the white rabbit, minus any anxiety about punctuality.