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March Domination, Part I

12th April 2010

If I wait to publish the entire list of everything you got done in March, you won’t see it any of it until May. I keep stopping to read everyone’s posts, and get all emotional, and go in search of people to high five. For the purposes of momentum, I’ve decided to post installments:

We’ll start with Elly, who changed her first flat tire.

Daffodil Campbell quit a job she needed because she wasn’t being treated with respect, joined a roller derby team (yes, yes she did), and sent out her first ever query to a magazine. Daffodil Campbell also made me cry. Seriously girl? Nice job.

Almost Kinda Sorta took her newborn baby to see her grandparents home.

Tamera commissioned a piece of custom artwork by Julie Lewis. She also organized a blood drive, signed up for a dance class, and started working toward her fitness goals.

JJ is staying offline one day per week, and got a mammogram. She is cancer free. Suck it, cancer!

Sandy wrote down her list for the first time — huge. She saw Kevin Smith live and learned to cook really good steak, signed up for a sushi-making class, and looked into joining the cast of the local Renaissance Faire.

Nancy King finished three chapters in her Head First Guide to Programming, met up with friends from her grade school, and started Bikram yoga.

Dana Says:
“I’m working toward one proper pull-up with lots of practice, push ups and other strength training. I’ve made progress but when I get my chin about three quarters of an inch from the bar, my arms turn to concrete. And I simply CANNOT go any further. I’m so insanely frustrated because I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to cross this from my list. ARGH!”

This is on my list too, and I have deep-seated Presidential Fitness test flashbacks whenever I attempt it. You can do it, Dana. Maybe this will help? We’re rooting for you.

Dottie booked a massage for herself.

Suzanne started running trails in the hills above where she lives. She decided to “be happy where I am, while I’m here, while working toward being somewhere else in three months.” She also started on her resume so she can find a new job.

Stephanie made a soufflé, bought a lottery ticket, and was the first to borrow a new book from the library.

That’s it for now, but I’m coming for the rest of you soon. If you didn’t cross anything off in March, go ahead and get started now. This is officially a rolling project, but we’ll do another group push in May.

This project started over here, but you can jump in anytime. If you’ve made a Mighty List and started crossing goals off, please let us know in comments.

The Winner and a Reminder

31st March 2010

And the winner is? #986. JJ, you won! You are officially a lucky person. I sent you a note with details, so check your spam filter.

As for the rest of you, it is officially the last day of March. When the Verizon campaign started, many of you promised that you’d finish three things off your life list this month too. How’s that coming? If you haven’t already commented about your victories, please do today, so I can read what you’ve been up to and include you in the roundup.

If you haven’t gotten started yet, do it! You have 24 hours to rock. Reeeaaddy? Go!