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Danielle’s Life List

12th August 2010

This is a woman with a dream.

Her name is Danielle, and she’ll be one of the attendees for this year’s Mighty Summit. I first met her last week in New York, but perhaps you remember her from her community keynote at Blogher ’09. It began,”There’s something stuck in my vagina. Day One.”

Number 55 on Danielle’s Life List reads, “Have a photo session in Times Square (KISS makeup)?”

I love how she phrased it furtively, because when I wandered into the bathroom to find her, Antonia, and Krystyn applying KISS makeup with Zan madly snapping photos, there was nothing halfway about it.

Had I arrived thirty seconds later, I could have easily missed a deathbed-flashback evening, and the thought made me slightly panicked. I yelled, “Why did no one come get me?” And Danielle silently passed me the pancake makeup.

Photo by Zan McQuade.

We headed over to Times Square on foot, stopping periodically to provoke security guards.

And make new friends.

And then we were there.

Posing like the Broadway show posters — laughing, occasionally embarrassed, not nearly drunk enough.

But these are my people, and I found them on the Internet.

This night was the best example of how making a life list has drawn great people my way. Chasing my goals is fun, but now I’m living dreams that are so much more imaginative and crazy and happy than I could have come up with on my own.

Danielle, my sweet?

I’m keeping you in my pocket.

The rest of my photos are here, but Zan’s are better.