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That’s Entertinment

19th June 2006

Between jet lag and three days of 24-hour sun in Iceland, we roll out of bed on our first day in Amsterdam at around 1:30 p.m.

This same afternoon Bryan needs to look at the theater where Adaptive Path is holding its workshop, so we set out together. We are groggy, hungry, cranky, and mildly disoriented. It’s times like this when Bryan decides to be wrong about everything.

We bicker all the way to our destination, where I decide to leave him to his work and have breakfast without him, as I have obviously married an insane person and need some time alone to think about what Jennifer Connolly would do in my situation.

I mope my way over to a quiet table at a restaurant situated on a cobblestone square. I order, open my magazine, and settle in to nurse my wounds over a long, peaceful article about scandal in the world of ornithology.

At just this moment, a guitar player stops in front of me. He begins to strum. I press my lips until they are perfectly horizontal with distaste. He strums louder. I glower at him from under my eyebrows and furrow my forehead. He moves a few steps closer.

He is strumming a Beatles tune. Such a familiar one that it’s difficult to concentrate over the noise. I hold my magazine in front of my face and begin to count backwards from ten.

Then, a singing midget strolls from the square to join him.

You heard me.

This, of course, is a personal insult from the universe delivered with a small white card on which my name is inscribed. It is the perfect storm of busking. As the little person launches into her version of “Crazy Little thing Called Love,” I slouch deeper into my chair and begin to whimper.

By contrast, the couple at the next table gives out a whoop and claps in time, bouncing in their chairs. What is this crazy thing, they wonder? This crazy little thing called love? As it turns out, my psychic powers are not strong enough to cause them to spontaneously combust.

As each song ends, I will it to be the last. Instead, the midget waxes philosophical about love, smoothly transitioning into the next ditty. “Ladies and gentleman, while it’s true that money can’t buy me love, it’s something each and every one of us needs. After all, without love where would we be now?”

My breakfast finally arrives, and I fume over my eggs, as they croon two more Beatles songs, “Eternal Flame,” and several Doobie Brothers classics.

At each new song, the couple next to me whoops anew. They have begun to sing along. I contemplate throwing my knife at them, and decide it would be too risky. I contemplate throwing my fork at them. Finally, things seem to be wrapping up.

“And we thank you, ladies and gentlemen for ‘listenin’ to the music,’ and we ask you, isn’t it a ‘wonderful world’?”

Midway through the song, just as you can hear Louis Armstrong moaning softly from his grave, Bryan arrives. Comforting, sweet, mobile Bryan. “Wow,” he says. “You lucked out.” I sigh heavily, drop my head to his shoulder, and reach for the bill.

Blue Lagoon

7th June 2006

Blue Lagoon

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We just left Iceland, home of crystalline light, inexplicably tasty licorice, and the dreamlike Blue Lagoon. On the day we visited, the water was white-blue and iridescent, like the inside of an abalone shell. It’s warmer than a bathtub, and the steam is a dense fog between you and the people around you.

The salty water makes it easy to float on your back and feel the cool air on your face. It’s so relaxing that you have the urge to drool. Bryan has flying dreams, but I have swimming dreams. Floating there was like living in that perfect hour just before waking, when your brain is set to Happy and you have time to sleep in.

Nice to meet you.

26th May 2006

Bryan and I used to be broke. Broke as in, “I should get a job at a restaurant so I can eat this month.” Traveling is important to both of us, and now that we have enough money for food, we’ve made it a priority. So, though we just returned from Argentina, Bryan is giong to Holland for work, and I’m going with him. On the way, we’re having a stopover in Iceland.

So, what I’m saying is, want to get a beer? We’ll be in Reykjavik next weekend (June 2-4), and Amsterdam until June 10. And then it’s possible we won’t ever be back again. What should we see, where should we go, who the hell are you?