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Personal Dos and Don’ts

7th September 2012

Mighty Life List: Personal Dos and Don'ts | Mighty Girl

This weekend is Mighty Summit, our fourth annual retreat for women in media. The Summit is a miniature version of Camp Mighty, and we do the same things — make Life Lists, commit to a few goals, and talk about how we can help each other cross things off, and drink champagne in the hot tub while reenacting our favorite Drunk History episodes.

Because both events are coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about lifey stuff. How I want the coming year to feel as much as what I want to cross off my Life List. Reading over your comments on happiness and the kind things people have done for you, I decided to keep better track of what makes me happy and unhappy.

I took the very complex approach of making two lists, a “STOP IT” list and a “DO IT” list. When I feel cruddy, I add whatever got me there to the Stop It List, and when I feel happy, I add to the Do Its. For example:


Cook at home.
Read novels in bed.
Write thank you notes.
Have sex!
Take baths instead of showers.
Go Dancing.
Tell the important people how I’m feeling. Using words.
Spend time with people who talk about ideas.
More hammocks.
Have a dance party.


Don’t buy stuff I don’t truly need.
Don’t wear that unflattering dress anymore.
No reality TV that isn’t about aspiration. Blurgh.
No to people who habitually drain you.
Don’t complain instead of acting.
Refrain from overfilling my schedule.
Don’t assume.
Seriously? Why are you wearing that stupid dress?

See? Helpful.

What about you? If you had a Do and Don’t list, what would be on it?