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Learn to Open Champagne

27th August 2010

Laura just did a great post about our Mighty Events cocktail party, and it reminded me of something you should add to your Life List.

This is my new Internet crush, Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo. I’d never met her before the party, but we got to talking, and Joanna mentioned that she had never opened a bottle of champagne. She said it scared her a little. People, this is a woman who just delivered a child.

Still, I have a lot of friends who feel the same way. And, thinking back, I used to pass the bottle off myself. We had an entire bathtub full of Mumm at the party, so I said, “This is one for the Life List. You have to do it.”

And so she did!

Hooray, Joanna! You are officially celebratory.

How about you? Have you ever opened your own champagne?