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Blippy: I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

22nd December 2009

Hiding Hood, $84

So, my friend Phillip has a controversial idea. He launched a startup called Blippy that lets you share information about your purchases online. When I first heard about it I recoiled. I thought it was in poor taste, I thought it was kind of gross, I thought I wanted an invite.

Bicycle Capris, $38

I told myself I was just curious to see who was using it and how, but really my wheels were already turning. Y’all know I love to shop, but mostly I love telling everyone about cool stuff. I figured this could be a way to do that more easily. And you can be selective about what you share and how, so why not give it a try?

Ion USB Portable Turntable, $140

I want every design blogger I know to sign up so I can figure out when the jaw-dropping stuff goes on sale, and when designers think it’s worthwhile to pay full price. I want to know when my music-snob friends all buy tickets for a band I’ve never heard of. And what about the consumer performance art that’s certain to emerge? How long before the Fireland of Blippy is buying a pint of chocolate ice cream, some advil, and a box of tampons, just so everyone knows where he’s at?

Fuji Instax Instant Mini Camera, $99

So is Blippy hideous or intriguing? My friends, it’s certainly both.

For now, Blippy is still in beta, so you’ll need an invitation. Enter MIGHTYGIRL2010 on the signup page if you want to play. I have a limited number of invites, so first come, first served. I’ll see you there.