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Going Mighty

26th October 2012

It’s launch time for our beta, are you ready?

3…2…1 GO MIGHTY!

Yus, son! Sarah, Laura, Amber and I are popping champagne corks and clinking glasses, toasting our brand new adventure. To celebrate, we’re giving you guys a sneak peak, so please join us. Request an invite and BYOLL (Bring Your Own Life List) to upload. Go Mighty is all baby steps and beta steps right now, but that’s where you come in. We want to know what you actually want and needs before we decide which new features to roll out first. Go Mighty will be evolving dramatically over the next few days and weeks, so give us your feedback, and please be gentle. It’s possible we’re a little sleepy over here.

And, what kind of party would it be without presents? Our bangarang partner Olay is gifting goals to to a few early Go Mighty users. (Which? Full circle, y’all.) To be considered for a gifted goal, you’ll want to tag your goal with ‘Olay.’ For more details and eligibility requirements, visit GoMighty.com/Olay.

If you’re a Rachael Ray fan, look for me on the show today. Nothing like testing the servers with a national TV appearance right out the gate, am I right? Keep your fingers crossed on this point, my friends. Maybe your eyes too.

In the meantime, let us know what you want to see on the site (info@gomighty.com). Get uploading and give us your feedback so we can iterate with you in mind. Custom, baby, that’s what we’re all about.

Now. Here’s the part where I thank you again for being on my team. Thank you. After twelve years of deep kindness from all of you, it’s such a joy to finally be able to give something tangible back. I cannot wait to really get to know you. Lurkers — I am especially talking to you. Show your faces! Tell us what you want. Let’s all start helping each other.