Stolen from the archives of one of my favorite blogs,
An Entirely Other Day:

“So there’s this over-weight 45-year-old woman
standing in line at Rite-Aid. She’s wearing
leopard-skin tights, and waiting to buy a
twelve-pack of beer and one of those backyard
Tiki torches.

And people say Americans aren’t subtle.”

9:13 a.m.

This blog is my new best friend. I stole this from An Entirely Other Day:

“The high school near my house recently started
smelling like sperm. Two possible reasons
spring to mind:

  • There are these trees surrounding the
    parking lot — big carob trees, Ceratonia
    siliqua — and in the Fall their fruit drops
    and starts to rot. One popular description
    of the resulting smell is “human
  • The students are back on campus.I’m not sure which theory disturbs me more.”

    4:42 p.m.