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14th April 2017

Girls at festival – Coral Springs , Florida – 1983

My brain keeps coming back to this observation on friendship. It runs counter to my upbringing, not being a “fair weather friend” was a big deal in our house, but I love the idea of it.

I got myself a a watchy watch. Punctuality rules.

These happy photos of Khoudia Diop are terrific, and full of little pretties. via @Afrobella

Shark baby! Ferocious. Also, the exact stripey, ruffle-yay, little girl swimsuit you’ve been looking for.

Dolphins will risk death to eat octopus, there’s a video. Hard to know who to root for in this bad-ass animal showdown.

I tried to bake brownies tucked inside Easter Eggs, and succeeded spectacularly.

Don’t know him, but Sam Altman seems like such an interesting, curious guy. He traveled across the U.S. to talk to people about why they voted for Trump, then summarized what they liked about him and didn’t. Neat project.

The NBA’s winning percentage has been rising steadily since the 1980s, perhaps because apps like Tinder, Instagram, etc. are making it less time consuming for players to find “companionship” while they’re on the road. Totally fascinating. via kottke

A nice line of poetry from Search and Rescue by Michael Chitwood:

“The busy gray nest
swallows hornets like words
returning to the mouth.”


2 thoughts on “Fridaaay, Links!

  1. Liz S.

    This point about celebrating good news as a characteristic of adult friendships is a really interesting one. It isn’t intuitive to me either, but upon reflection, I do think a real hurdle for friendships later in life is envy/jealousy/judgment of successes. I wonder if when we grow up, our sense of our own successes and failures intermingles more deeply than it did when we were young, so when we’re called to cheer a friend’s joy, the things we ourselves don’t have or haven’t won are closer to mind, and it’s harder to share her happiness in that context. Maybe we know as grown-ups that there will be sorrow enough to go around, but good fortune seems (not is, but seems) in shorter supply, so it’s special to find a friend who doesn’t treat it that way.

  2. Wendy

    To nitpick: “The NBA’s winning percentage has been rising steadily” The link says the winning percentage for teams on the road.(Because the NBA’s winning percentage overall is 50%. Everytime one team wins another one loses.)

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