Fridaaaay! Links

Too Bad, So Sad, Tiger. Mending my children with sardonic patches, bathing them in my ethos.

Incredible paper plant models set aflame for an infographic on fire resistant plants. Scroll down for the animation, and then pass a full day trying to fold a paper pinecone. via kottke

Women playlist by musician Holly Miranda. Let more lady voices into your life. “Equal pay for equal work,” they croon. “Peeing in a romper is buuuullshit.”

Highly Sensitive Person quiz. I scored like a 9 million on this quiz, which I took while passing three hours in a bathtub, filling and refilling with hot water, until someone came to ask if I’d drowned.

Our reactions to friends’ disappointments matter less than whether we’re able to celebrate their good news. Invest in confetti, or die alone.

Software engineer was detained at JFK so they could ask him about software-y things to confirm his qualifications. Presumably because he looked Muslim-ish? Who knows at this point. The future in the U.S. is just an episode of Dr. Who where all of us live in airport security lines that never move forward.

To help teach her history, Cristi Smith-Jones dressed her daughter as historical black figures. Adorable. Also, her daughter’s name is Lola Jones. Exceptional name. Name Hall of Fame.

Domestic Violence Still Not Grounds for Divorce in Mississippi
“Under the current law, the abuse must be witnessed by another person if a victim is pursuing divorce on those grounds. This poses a problem, as domestic violence often happens behind closed doors.’Many times the only people who corroborate the acts of violence are the children in the homes.’” Nope. Don’t make kids testify against their daddies, Mississippi. I know we can agree on this because of humanity. Good meeting, everyone.

Europe opens its first ever sex doll brothel, which should definitely help with the whole “objectifying women” problem we have going. (Naked pretend-lady behind that link, so NSFW.)

Ordered this sweatshirt dress in grey, and it’s what I wear from now on. It was $40 and my husband points out that’s “it’s essentially a slanket with pockets.” Correct! I need never mourn the absence of airplane blankets again.

In conclusion, Ozzy is almost two. His favorite new joke goes like this: “Hey, guys! No poo-poo bathtub!” then all of us laugh together.

2 thoughts on “Fridaaaay! Links

  1. Wow. I clicked on the brothel article, and followed it to another article about a “fellatio cafe” planned for London, and no lunch for me, thanks, I’ll just be over here thinking about the worldwide oppression and objectification of women.


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