Some Lovely

16th February 2017


Last July I started using my Instagram account to keep a gratitude journal. It’s really nice. Recommend.

Everyone wants to talk about how technology and social media are screwing us all up. But whatever. I think the Internet is such a good place, the funnest place!, if we’re cool about how we use it.

Anyway, I wanted to say “try this!” So I thought it would be good to start a group hashtag. Today I went back and tagged my posts #somelovely. If you already keep an Instagram gratitude journal, or you feel like playing along now, I hope you’ll add #somelovely to your posts too, so we can all get a little shot of vicarious happiness.

A few favorites from my account this year.

Lovely Things: Overdoing it on the wreath. Saying yes to every cashier who asks for a two dollar donation to anything that might make the world nicer. Hank singing in the living room, reaching for all the notes in the Moana songs.

Lovely Things: After a year or so in hiding, Hank is letting me take his photo again. Ozzy clanging on the toy store’s baby piano and stopping short at the train table. Reading A Wrinkle in Time.

Lovely Things: Cozy hat. Shaved legs in clean sheets. Toenails finally grew out after I clipped them too short. Ahh.

Lovely Things: A sweet, tired baby whose face reminds you what it actually feels like to need a nap. Watching the leaves unfurl in your tea. All the laundry done, and folded, and put away.

Lovely Things: A kid who just smacks his forehead and starts over when he flubs one of his Christmas pageant lines. All the scuff marks under his classroom desk from trying to balance his chair on the back two legs. Asking if he can hold his baby brother in his lap to share class party treats.

Lovely Things: Nothing on the calendar. Floating daisies in a puddle. Changing a poopy diaper in a public restroom, only to realize you have zero fresh diapers, then making it back to the diaper stash in the car without incident.

Nice, eh? Go get yourself some good feelings. And thanks for being around.

5 thoughts on “Some Lovely

  1. Vicky

    Every December I try to post one thing a day that I can #appreciate. Sometimes it’s just a bottle of YooHoo. But everything counts.

  2. Maggeh Post author

    I’ve never had a YooHoo. It must be a regional thing, right? I’d never had Dunkin’ Donuts coffee until I was in my late twenties.

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