Lights for Your Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag

21st September 2016


I just remembered a thing I meant to mention. Before Oz was born, I bought a bunch of these tiny LED lights for a project, but we had a bunch left over.

Each one is a little bigger than a large vitamin, so I threw a handful in my labor bag. They ended up being so useful that a bunch of nurses asked what they were. Our hospital had clear plastic cups for water, so we put a few in each cup to act as lanterns, but you could just set them out too.

They were the perfect soft glow for checking the baby’s breathing, getting up to nurse without waking dad, using an unfamiliar bathroom without turning on the glaring hospital lights. Plus, they just made the room calmer.

Anyway, if you’re having a baby, consider packing a few. They were so nice.

1 thought on “Lights for Your Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag

  1. wendy

    this is genius! nightlights are something i pretty much always want, especially for navigating unfamiliar spaces. i’m gonna get some for traveling.

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