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29th April 2016


Mother’s Day is next weekend, so arrange for some sweetness. Above photo is from Heather Evan’s “Smith’s Seen Not Heard” project I have a weakness for artist mothers who include their kids in their work.

This tweet made me bark-laugh.

Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice “Find something — something new, something difficult — to immerse yourself in and improve at.”

This Airbnb rental comes with a bookstore that you can help run.

Speaking of books, Shaheryar Malik leaves artistic stacks of books around New York for people to take with them.

Look at this beautiful tropical table centerpiece made of green bananas, green coconuts, and open watermelon. Genius.

I’ve been wondering how this $20 H&M dress would look on a not-model, and it looks cute.

I’m making 100 paper crowns for the 100 Day Project.

1 thought on “Fridaaay! Links

  1. Kayjayoh

    While I like the idea of the book project, I hope the photos are not actually representative of *how* he leaves them. Because those are basically just obstacles. Which is a jerky thing to do.

    Would you like to use the swing set? Gotta move this stack of random books, first.

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