Fridaaay! Links


Fun Things

Jihan Zencirli made this crazy, fish-egg balloon display outside her studio. Because she is magic, and she never denies you the caviar.

Life goals.

This fringe bracelet is shoosha-shoosha. And this romper is cute too. It’s also $400? And only comes in a size 2-6? Speaking of which…

Having babies takes me up to a size 14 for a couple years after I give birth. The clothing options are 10 percent of what I have when I’m a size 8, and everything is black. It’s such bullshit. GAH. Anyway, qcut jeans will come in 400 sizes, and may cash rain down upon them. (Thanks for the heads up, Asha!)

Crystal crowns are all the rage for brides right now, and I wasn’t into it until I saw this upside down one. You can get married in it, or do some Dungeons and Dragons LARPing. Versatile.

Get crafteh.


I like this so much. People dressed like their surroundings. via Swiss Miss

Important Thing

I’d never heard about this Civil Rights Swim-In where black people swam in a “white-only” pool, and the owner of the motel poured acid in the pool. Historically, this was like 5 minutes ago.


On Instagram, we went to Disneyland! Next time, I sneak in rum for my Dole Whip. Regrets.

On Twitter, I was charmed by all the kids at Disneyland, and I shared my dieting secret.

On Pinterest, I am not pinning as much wedding stuff as much as the algorithm wants me to. I am quite the disappointment to Pinterest in this regard. Pink iceberg!

On Snapchat, I am stealthmaggie. It’s essentially an all-baby channel, so be forewarned.

Cool Stuff My Friends are Doing

Tia Lambert opened Make Studio, her new creative arts workshop in Marin, California! She’s exuberant, guys, just a delight. So if you live nearby, get the updates on Twitter.

Helena Price’s Techies Project is getting coverage everywhere. Nice!

Asha Dornfest’s Parent Hacks book came out, as you know, and her book tour is coming to the East Coast.

Luvvie Ajayi’s book I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual, is available for presale. It promises to make you laugh.

People are making stuff like they don’t need to sleep. Good work, awesome people. Go have a nap.

8 thoughts on “Fridaaay! Links

  1. “Having babies takes me up to a size 14 a few years after giving birth.” Thank you for just…saying that (and not apologizing for either size or patting yourself on the back for being brave or shaming yourself or…anything. Thank you.


  2. The swim in was part of a much larger St Augustine SCLC campaign that rarely gets any coverage. To add to the crazy, one of the sheriff deputies brought an alligator from the alligator farm with the intention of releasing it in the pool.


    1. All I can think about when I hear things like that is about the parents of people who grew into adults like that. Who raised “let’s put an alligator in the pool” guy? That guy was someone’s little boy? That guy is probably someone’s dad now. Yuck.


  3. Welcome to Plus Size shopping where basically most stores just want to hand you a pair of sweat pants quietly to make you go away. Thankfully Modcloth, Monif C Clarke, Asos Curve, Lands End, Dress Barn, City Chic are here for you.


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