Resolved, 2016

Hello there, 2016. You’re a big empty room with tall windows and a view of the water.

Let’s get some chairs and settle in. Resolved:


Eat in the bath.
A slice of rosemary lemon cake, olive oil popcorn, a bowl of spaghetti — before you bathe, make yourself a little snack. Everything tastes better when you’re naked. Tub eats! 2016.


See more art.
Let’s go somewhere quiet to look at interesting things. Museums! 2016.

Write and write and write and write.
It’s like talking, as much as you want, about whatever you want, but no one has to listen to you! Clickityclack! 2016


Be an activist.
So much dramatically bad cruft has been happening. Bluuuuuh. Broken jerks keep killing their wives and girlfriends; racist police are shooting black children; assholes with guns take aim in our schools, and movie theaters, and churches. Last year left me feeling weak. But I’m not helpless. I am strong and able, and I have been sitting on my dead ass eating tortilla chips. What the hell, me? Put on some pants. Change! 2016.


Have some tiny adventures.
Instead of doing that same thing, let’s do a different thing. Let’s go bake some tiny cakes, have a winter picnic and drink soup out of thermoses, turn off all the lights and light candles instead. This year, we’re gonna make some plans together, and those plans will be fun. Adventure! 2016.

Happy New Year, friends. Here’s to 2016, may good things rain gently upon your heads.

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6 thoughts on “Resolved, 2016

  1. Hi Maggie,

    I’m a long-time lurker, first time commenter! When I saw your resolution re: activism, I wanted to draw your attention to The Dream Unfinished, an activist orchestra I started last year which aligns itself with Black Lives Matter:

    This year we’re focusing on women of color impacted by police brutality and entitling our season #SingHerName. If you’d be at all interested in getting involved, feel free to reach out to me at

    I’ve always loved reading your posts, and send you and your growing family my best wishes for a joyous and prosperous 2016.




  2. Very interested in your suggestions for being an activist. I was crushed by the amount of sheer awfulness in 2015 and more so by the feeling that I couldn’t do anything about it. That can’t be true, I need to try harder to figure it out. Please share your ideas!


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