Give it Up: Ten Charities that Need Your Cash

1st December 2015

Remember this piece I wrote for The Morning News on cool organizations that need your money? They still do.

You are a good person. You feel bad when other people are sad; you try not to laugh when someone trips; you’re fond of puppies.

Now, maybe you’re not rolling in cash. Most of us have some debt, and we’re all trying to build our savings. But you’ve got 10 bucks to spare, and there’s some disturbing shit going down in the world. Perhaps you’ve heard.

The surprisingly good people—the ones who are feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and pulling small children out of harm’s way—they could probably use that 10 bucks more constructively than we could. Give it up, and bask in the warm glow of self-satisfaction.

Read the rest at Virtue: Ten Bucks? Ten Charities.

1 thought on “Give it Up: Ten Charities that Need Your Cash

  1. Megan

    One nonprofit that is doing a lot of good (but needs more financial backers) is Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley. It helps Mexican immigrants with free legal resources in the path to citizenship.

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