Missed Connections


Me: Frazzled Mom, carrying a jumble of bags, a kid and baby in tow, buckling the carseat, folding the stroller into the trunk, passing out snacks. You: Eager Brunette, honking ardently as encouragement to leave my parking space at a pace better suited to your schedule.

We made long, meaningful eye contact while I climbed in my seat and loaded a map, again as I queued up a podcast, and several times as I answered some personal email, then drummed my fingers absentmindedly on the steering wheel. Then, so suddenly, you were gone.

Let’s grab drinks, restless stranger. I’d love to hear how the rest of your day went.

Parking lot dandelions street art by Roadsworth.

13 thoughts on “Missed Connections

  1. I am the same way! I was at a restaurant/ coffee shop with friends, and a group was having a meeting there. Not in a separate room, they hadn’t booked the whole area, just at a few tables. Some one was trying to listen to a presenter, and looked over at us, “Could you be quiet?” asked, rolling her eyes. We talked louder. Had she asked politely, saying, “Sorry, we’re trying to have a meeting here, I know this place is a bit busy, but would it be possible for you to be a bit more quiet?” or something along those lines, sure. But when you think you are more important than me? That your time is more valuable than mine? No, no you are not.


  2. That was probably me in the other car, with three toddlers in the back, one who needed a diaper change asap. It would have been nice to have you wave me on instead of waiting me out. I feel like you would have written about this differently in your etiquette book.


  3. My husband always rushes (him and us) to give someone the parking spot. If you’re by yourself, ready to go, someone’s waiting, by all means get thyself out of the spot. One should never, ever honk at someone who is still in “their” spot.


  4. There is no excuse for honking at someone in that manner. A nice smile and wave by Eager Brunette would have gone so much further.


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