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25th September 2015

Do you guys listen to the Reply All podcast? It’s great. But this one called Flower Child made me sad about injustice.

Marissa Hernandez is a 20 year old girl who makes taxidermy out of her bedroom. Her site is Vita Nova Taxidermy.

Her business disappeared overnight after an anonymous competitor posted a fraudulent report about her on a site called Rip Off Report, saying her stuff arrived with holes, she was stuffing kangaroos, etc. The reporter on the podcast checked into it, and none of it was true. In fact, when the reporter called, the person who posted the fraudulent review also tried to have it taken down to no avail.

Marissa can’t afford to have the review removed, and she thought she found her thing that she loves to do for a living, but now feels like she may need to do something else to make money. Frowny faces, and bad feelings.

Anyway, this post is me attempting to drive up another search engine result for her business and knock the Rip Off post off the front page at least. If you feel like linking to it, that would help. As far as I know? I should know more about how these things work.

Good luck, Marissa! Girl, do your thing.

3 thoughts on “Vita Nova Taxidermy, Do Your Thing

  1. Emily

    My understanding is that Ms. Hernandez’s experience isn’t completely unique. A friend of mine has been getting harassed by an anonymous troll, and the troll’s latest jam is to leave horrible reviews (with her full name, and real or imagined businesses) on Rip Off Report and other, similar sites. Thanks for bringing more visibility to this (bizarre, horrible) phenomenon.

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