Put this in Your Ears

I’ve been making mixes in secret. Secret mixes. This one is very literal about its theme, probably because I just gave birth and also binge-watched every episode of Six Feet Under.

Life and Death, the Mortality Mix
on Spotify
on Rdio

Here on my accounts on Spotify and Rdio, if you’d like to subscribe. I use Spotify and port over to Rdio. I don’t want to talk about Apple Music right now. Shh.

Pinterest, it’s for Pinning Stuff!

Don’t be a Dick badges, plus other stuff I pinned. This week it’s mostly clothing to help conceal post pregnancy gut, which I will have for approximately the next two years. At what point does it become regular gut? I think I get another two months. The long shadow of the elliptical machine looms over me.

Also, are these Wave Sandals the most uncomfortable footwear since wooden clogs? I want them, but I fear them. But I want them.


We were too sleepy to leave the house one day last week, so we had dinner on the roof. I have never done this before, due to stupidity? Speaking of stupidity, we also tried to go to Six Flags to celebrate the end of summer, but when we got there it was closed. Anyway, we took Hank to Chuck E. Cheese instead, where Ozzy fell asleep and Hank kept saying “This is WAY better than Six Flags!!” Bullet dodged.

How sweet is the slogan on this vintage rowing coat? It reads “Nothing without Labor” in Latin. Let’s all get it tattooed on our foreheads. Do it you guys. Pact. (By the way, Relic Vintage is the best vintage shopping in San Francisco, curated by Oran, a guy I used to see out swing dancing when I lived in Sacramento. Small world, and so forth.)


We’re going to what promises to be the world’s happiest wedding in New Hampshire next week, so you’ll see more of me @maggie on Twitter and on Instagram.

Life List

On Go Mighty, I added a new fruit to my 1,000 Fruits.

Hey. Good to know.

I recognize that the fantasy of taking an 8-year-old and an infant on an around the world trip is better than the reality, but still:
How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets
Beginners Guide to Booking a Round the World Plane Ticket

Cool stuff my friends are doing

Meg Keene of Practical Wedding made a baby!
Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day did a house tour on Cup of Jo.
Michelle Morrison announced a new Designers and Geeks talk.
Sonya Yu is having a solo exhibition of her work, Vermeer Light at Four Barrel. That’s her image above, go have a look.

Have a happy weekend!

3 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. High five, Ms. Mighty. I’m missing you in this space, but you’re obviously winning at life. Thanks for being an inspiration for us all to do the same.


  2. I did a double take at the vintage ‘rowing coat’! It’s the Brisbane Grammar School uniform (Brisbane in Australia, not the Brisbane in California) and they still look exactly like that. Small world!


  3. I did a RTW about, gah, 12 years ago. I found that it was cheapest to book through a specialised agency based in the UK and start my trip in Europe. The Brits are all about the RTW’s. Having done quite a bit of long haul travelling with kids, I kinda think a newborn and an 8 year old might be the perfect ages to travel. One can’t move, doesn’t require tickets or much food. The other is old enough to enjoy it and remember it, but not old enough to love his friends more than you. Just promise me to never travel with a 3 year old. Fuck three year olds.


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