Hank Expresses a Preference: Mexican Snack Cakes

Exterior like an unusually dry and dense Fig Newton, surrounding a strawberry-colored fruit(?) paste.

Did not meet expectations.

Thin layer of chocolate and cake around a sweet, creamy center.

He asked if he could eat the whole thing, which of course. Cultural experience.

A slightly tired stroopwafel, but sandwiching four times the usual amount of caramel, drizzled in chocolate.

Well now we’re potentially ruining dinner.

Dry sponge cake with a thin layer of orange paste and another layer of chocolate on top.

I don’t think he was into it.

3 thoughts on “Hank Expresses a Preference: Mexican Snack Cakes

  1. Is it just me, or has Mighty Girl achieved new levels of awesomeness in this month’s posts? Rock/post on, Maggie.


  2. I really enjoy your son’s enthusiasm in trying new tastes. No one in my house appreciates Mexican candies except me.

    Hank has also grown into a a beautiful young man and very photogenic.


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