16th July 2015

When I was pregnant, I stopped losing hair. I’d shampoo or comb it, and every strand held steady.

Then Ozzy came along, and now I’m shedding like collie on a hot summer day. I leave a wash of hair in my wake. I find strands in the baby’s fists, between my toes, joining forces on the hardwood floor. My head feels lighter.

5 thoughts on “Molting

  1. erniebufflo

    Oh man, postpartum hair loss is CRAZY. I was losing so much, I finally got fed up with the shedding and the baby-hair regrowth that I went pixie for a year.

  2. Monique

    New babe on my hip and I’ve never experienced anything like this!! I also chopped mine off, and am now considering pixie too! (Went from past my bra strap to above the chin, and there is

  3. Kate F

    It’s bonkers. And I found that my hair texture changed each time in grew back in after The Shed. After my first my curls were gone (they’d appeared when I was 13); after the second they’ve finally come back!

  4. Beth C.

    I considered a foray into my own Victorian hair art post-partum. The hair loss was epic.

    Oh, and beware the strand of hair that gets wrapped around Ozzy’s penis should that happen. (Don’t pull!! Remove with great care.) ????

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