Does anyone else feel strange to be so over the moon about marriage equality in the wake of the Charleston murders?

5 thoughts on “Equality

  1. A bit, but I sort of feel like we are allowed to celebrate the victories and be happy, as long as we do not forget that there is still so much more work to do…


  2. As the partner of a black transgender man, but also as myself a 40-something privileged white woman….it’s great news at SCOTUS but it definitely doesn’t feel like celebration time. When we still don’t protect LGBT people in federal employment or with federal housing laws the individual is left high and dry while marriage is now legal. Sounds like the privileged (white, gay men with assets) got their needs met long before poor queer POCs and trans people living and working everyday as best they can still can’t count on the gov’t to protect them. Sounds terrible but, it’s marriage is easy compared to the true tragedies of marginalized LGBT folk. Layer onto that Charleston and the work that Black Lives Matter is doing and well…there’s not a lot to celebrate. Intersectional identities definitely didn’t win. (And yes, of course I know other LGBT other than rich white men won with marriage – but as someone who saw the beginnings of that political movement for marriage years ago and begged the think tanks and power people in the mvmt to consider employment/housing first — I know first hand marriage came first because privilege/assets were put ahead of what I think are the bigger issues.)…<3


  3. Friday was an especially emotional day with the ruling and the beautiful eulogy President Obama gave for Rev Pickney. I sat down and watched the whole thing on Friday evening and ugly cried, but also, felt a piece of joy underneath it all because of the equal marriage ruling, and for Obama’s humanity and leadership. then to wake up on Saturday to see Bree Newsome scaling that flag pole on the SC State Capitol grounds to remove the Confederate flag… well I need to think and feel more about all of this! (I agree that the news cycle has outsized influence on our processing time.)


  4. Layer on to that feeling frustrated and conflicted at all the people who have no problem speaking out against gay marriage (on the ground of their religion) but who have been completely mum on burning churches.


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