Paper carvings by Maude White.


Baby dancin’! Leave it to the web to take “playing with your baby” viral.

Perfect party hats for your next baton-twirling party.

Snow graffiti. File under people you want to be friends with, but it will probably be hard to get them to come out, because they’re busy making stuff. Like tea. (via BB-Blog)


Bunch O Balloons lets you fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than a minute. The future is now.

They don’t have these in my size anymore, but maybe you’ll luck out.

Pendleton’s collaboration with Urban Outfitters is neat.

I’m slowly adding to my collection of not-stupid clothes that make it easy to nurse/breastfeed.


My Own Life, Oliver Sacks on Learning He Has Terminal Cancer “Over the last few days, I have been able to see my life as from a great altitude, as a sort of landscape, and with a deepening sense of the connection of all its parts.”

Kanye West vs. White Mediocrity “It’s far from an original observation that primarily black venues are more demanding of technical excellence than primarily white ones. The Apollo Theatre still has an executioner who will shoo you offstage in the middle of your act if it’s found wanting. There’s no other record label that ever matched the exacting standards and relentless discipline of Berry Gordy’s Motown machine. For all the bragging about technical virtuosity among, say, metal guitarists, metal lacks a tradition of direct public challenge equivalent to MCs in a rap battle. Joe Jackson saw the Osmonds’ show, created a similar show with his own sons only with much more grueling standards of performance and choreography, and the rest is history.”

A free guided meditation that didn’t irritate me. These are harder to come by than I expected, perhaps because I need to meditate more.

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Nooooo those hurraches are vegan and in my size! Damn you. Last weekend you had me lusting after those saltwater sandals… and then I thriftscored a pair of similar Tatiana sandals by Soft Spots in navy. Unworn, sooo comfy.


  2. Woo boy. I hear you on irritating guided meditation. I use the app with Andy Cutiepatootiee, I mean, Puddicombe. First 10 sessions are free. I’ve signed up for a year, I liked it that much.


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