Working on His Game

29th December 2014

Middle-aged man in the tiny coffee shop aisle, black V-neck sweater, business casual pants. He orders a latte, and flirts with the barista.

As they chat, he mimes a dramatic full-body golf swing. At first, I think the motion is a sarcastic gesture, something in reference to their conversation. But he lingers, and in moments where she busies herself with coffee and other customers, he waits to see if she’ll return her attention to him.

When she does not, he tees up for another private round of counter-side golf. Two swings, three, a pause to glance around casually, then four. I step around him to get at the milk.

7 thoughts on “Working on His Game

  1. Gabrielle

    I’ve seen guys do this too! Seeing guys playing air guitar is right up there with the golf swing as cringeworthy.

  2. Auntie Yolanda Henry

    If he’s walking, talking and breathing without the assistance of an oxygen tank, give him my number, next time.

  3. Jenna

    There’s no golf swings at the coffee counter. No, no, no. He’s single for a reason and I suspect it’s more than just his golf score.

  4. Lily James

    Oh my goodness! That still goes on? When I was a (terrible) investment secretary the brokers would do that. Suddenly affect a swing on the way down the office. Ridiculous. Never saw us women adopting a Goal Attack Netball position by the copier. I once tried (pretend) rolling a bowling ball, but couldn’t resist going ‘BOOM’ when it hit my bosses chair. Actually, more sports practice in inappropriate places, but make it things like the gymnast rings or climbing. I’ll stop now.

  5. Megan

    Happy New Year to you. I’m so happy you continue to maintain this blog and that it remains a lovely place to visit on the Internet.

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