Not from around here, are you fellas.

17th November 2014

Thing a white, middle-aged guy at the next table just said out loud, in San Francisco, to his white-guy friends:

“I think I’m gonna go on welfare, guys. I like the idea of the government paying for my transportation, healthcare. Sounds like a good deal.”

4 thoughts on “Not from around here, are you fellas.

  1. Alexa

    When I was a naive and somewhat dramatic college grad, trying to find a job, I wondered if I could get food stamps while I was unemployed. Doing some research, I figured what my income would need to be (extremely low), promptly gave up thinking about food stamps and redoubled my search for a job. It was a good economics lesson for a middle class college educated woman – if you are making little enough money to get food stamps, your life is not cushy or easy AT ALL. Your living situation is likely crowded and substandard, you’re living day to day-forget savings, and you’re definitely not eating at restaurants talking about how great it is to live on the dole.

  2. Stephanie

    Grrrr, it’s people like that who make it impossible to have an actual public discourse on social safety nets. They have no understanding of what ‘welfare’ truly is. No clue how strict the rules are, how hard it is to qualify, etc. Truly this only reveals the lack of information of the speaker, but is sadly believed by a ridiculous # of people. This guy should have to live below the poverty level for awhile and see how easy it is to have ‘the government’ take care of everything for you. Spoilers: ain’t nobody taking care of many of these folks.

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