Very Nice News Indeed

This is the birthday card Brad drew for me this year. I’ve been a little quiet around here lately because I’ve been putting all of my energy into sitting very still so I can keep food down.

This is because we are expecting a baby. A tiny one, who does that thing with the giant yawn that’s still only as big as a thumb print. A little one, who keeps its fists by its face in case of trouble.

Gah! Baby!

The baby is coming in late April, and Hank has told everyone in his class several times over. Other kids have begun requesting siblings from their parents in the interest of fairness, which along with my unmarried status, has made us very popular at the elementary school.

When we found out our baby schemes had worked sooner than expected, I started pulling together Instant Wedding. Finding-a-venue-and-a-dress-and-a-cake-and-calling-everyone-and-bopping-to-the-courthouse-and-doing-this-thing! Then I fell asleep. I have been asleep for several weeks now, so we’re delaying the wedding until we’ve had time to have a baby. Also to procure knitted hats and booties, which said baby can pull off and throw on the ground.

Come out, baby! I cannot wait.

72 thoughts on “Very Nice News Indeed

  1. Get married now! Come on…just do it…don’t make such a fuss over every single thing. Get married right now and be one big happy MARRIED family. Do it! You know you want to…


  2. Wonderful news! I hope you start to feel better soon.

    We are expecting a second baby in January. I slept through the first trimester, had a wonderful burst of energy in the second, and am now back to sleeping. It’s a good thing my daughter can fix her own breakfast, but I wish I had arranged for my grad students to grade one another’s papers…


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