See a Real-Life Cockeyed Experiment in Action? Check.

11th July 2014

I suspect a lot of you know of Cockeyed, Rob Cockerham has been around since the dawn of internet times when modems made sounds and and only the very dedicated could download porn. This Fourth of July, Rob met up with us and conducted one of his famous experiments. This one was about which firework is loudest, and we were right there to watch him at work.

If you don’t know Rob, he’s the guy who made the crazy Disneyland costume that was making the rounds. He’s into silly pranks, experiments, and amazing Halloween costumes. Some of my favorite stuff he’s done:

The photographic height/weight chart
His Llyod Dobler costume
Formal Dinner Party at Ikea
Sign replacement prank
Paparazzi costume

Thanks for letting us sit in on your mad genius, Rob.