Rookie Yearbook 3

7th July 2014

“I just feel like, overwhelmed by not knowing who I am now or what my Identity is or what my Core Me–tools are to come back to when I feel sad. Going back to what used to be myself just pulls me into a lot of painfully bittersweet memories, so I’ve been talking less and drifting more and actively testing a theory that reincarnation can happen to live bodies by trying to turn myself into a blank slate. It leaves me both terrified that I could become an actual monster, as well as thrilled that I could become the exact person I ought to be, WE CAN BE HEROES Bowie-style.” –Tavi Gevinson from her July 2014 Rookie Mag editor’s letter.

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2 thoughts on “Rookie Yearbook 3

  1. Jenn

    OH STARS I LOVE THIS GIRL. I did not know Rookie Mag existed. I … I just need to go get pregnant with triplet daughters so they can grow up on this writing. She’s 18, I’m 31, but she nailed that slate-wiped-clean feeling that comes ’round and ’round throughout an examined life. Thank you for sharing!

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