Robot Dance Party!

26th June 2014

(This post is sponsored by Target.)

For decades humans have feared that when robots unite, they’ll do so to subsume humanity. But, come on. Robots just wanna dance!

Since we started building his box robot, Hank and I have been talking about a robot party. I like using toys to decorate, and now that Hank’s Transformer collection has achieved critical mass, these robot tableaus are really coming together.

Details if you’d like to host your own Robot Dance Party or Transformer Party:

The table centerpiece features several of Optimus Prime’s alter egos — the 16-inch tall Optimus Prime, Silver Optimus Prime, James Brown Optimus Prime — and Grimlock, who is temporarily suspending his desire to supplant Optimus as leader of the Autobots… in the interest of getting down. (And because, from a franchise standpoint, he is way outnumbered.)

These are my startled robot cupcakes. I made the marshmallow heads first. A toothpick secures the Dots gumdrops on either side of the head, and little dots of icing are holding the candy eyes in place. Then I trimmed down some Sour Punch Bites to be mouth size, and attached that with icing too.

You can make the heads while the cupcakes bake, and once they’re done, add a little dollop of extra icing in the top center to hold the marshmallows in place. I like this guy because his head is tilted in question of our inferior logic.

I used the Grimlock vs Optimus battle set to guard the snacks. They’re like a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot update with flat bottoms, so they stand on their own in the bowl even when they aren’t propped up by chips.

These tall, slim bottles come in lots of flavors/colors, and the labels peel off easily. (These are Market Pantry Blue Raspberry Lemonade.)

Trying to line up labels on a printer makes me want to knock my head against the desk, so I just photocopied Transformer logos off some packaging onto glossy paper, then taped them to the bottles with thin double-sided tape.

We requested that guests arrive as their favorite robot alter egos. We made this for the top of our Facebook invite, but we don’t mind if you use it too:

Everyone loves good robot gif.

This post is sponsored by Target. More Transformers, More Than Meets the Eye: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Transformers at Target.