Photo Balloon Heads

22nd May 2014

This is my boyfriend Brad in balloon form. For Brad’s birthday, I wanted to have a bunch of balloons printed with his face, because hilarious. But then I couldn’t find anywhere that would do it for less than $120, and this was more of a $20 level of hilarity.

So we asked a friend to Photoshop Brad’s image to make it pop a little more. You can achieve a similar effect by changing your image to black and white in Photoshop and then adjusting the threshold numbers:

Image> Adjustments > Threshold
Check preview box
Adjust numbers until you get the effect you want

Then we photocopied the results, cut them out, and taped them to the balloons.

Hello, mister.

We used one of these adhesive dispensers, and just ran a line of tape up the center of Brad’s face and left the edges as they were.

He liked them, and we like him. Happy birthday, Bradley! Hugs for everyone.

6 thoughts on “Photo Balloon Heads

  1. Alli

    hilarious! wish i had seen this before M’s birthday. please try to remind me next year. both kids would find it wonderfully mortifying!

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