Humin Beta

24th April 2014

Update: I’m out of invites, but if you’d like to join the beta you can request an invite direct from Humin.

My friend Lane Wood, who spoke at Camp Mighty last year, is helping make an app I think you’ll want. It’s called Humin, and it takes the contacts section of your phone and adds some of the info and functionality of a social media platform. So now my contacts look like this:

Humin pulls down a photo, employment background, any meetings you have on your calendar with this person, mutual friends, work experience and common friends at those companies, and educational background. I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know about friends, just by opening my phone to call them, and Humin has even alerted me a couple of times when friends are in from out of town. So neat.

I’ve found it indispensable enough that I replaced my contacts app with Humin, so now I make all my texts and calls through the app. It’s exponentially more useful, and frankly prettier, than my old contacts.

If you’d like to try it, request an invitation to the beta right here, and I’ll email you one. Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Humin Beta

  1. BOSSY

    Thanks for the continued heads-up in all matters. I’ll never forget your post telling people there was this thing called Twitter we’d want to sign up for immediately and ask questions later. Secured @bossy because of you!

  2. Martha

    Not sure what kind of idiot I am, but I requested an invite, signed up for the newsletter, received confirmation of that, but don’t know if I was supposed to do something else for my invitation or if I’m waiting?
    Anyone have anything to offer?

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