21st February 2014

Mrs. De Florian left her Parisian apartment in her twenties, just before WWII broke out, and never returned. When she died at 91, her heirs unlocked a time capsule. I cannot get enough of abandoned places.

Trying out Gratitude 365 to record all my luckies. Do you keep a gratitude journal?

I want this desk, but where would you hide the cords?

A bunch of great tattoos: My heart in your hands, petals, Atlas, wheat.

This photo of a woman voting is so charming.

I just found out about Tippi Degré. She’s a French girl raised in Namibia, and there’s all sorts of incredible photos of her playing with wild animals. Watch the video at the bottom where a wild leopard playfully bites her shoulder. Amazing.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. molly

    Not that these kinds of photos aren’t fun and exciting, but the tippy stuff is most likely much, much more staged than it purports to be, not to mention pretty racist…

  2. Charm

    Love the desk! I’d get an outlet moved 3ft up the wall or have a fake wall made behind it if it was against a wall. Otherwise it could be incentive to go tech free!

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