I Miss You, Old Glee

Glee Cast “Push It”

I think this was the first episode. Hold me close, first episode.

Glee “It’s a Man’s World”

Unwed pregnant teens performing an anger ballet. I hope the choreographer lies awake mentally revisiting this glory again and again. (This video starts in Spanish, but switches to the original recording when the music kicks in.)

Glee “Slave 4 U” Ft. John Stamos

Heather Elizabeth Morris in a red pleather catsuit. It seems like an unfair thing to do to other women, and yet my affection remains constant.

What happened? What happened to this impeccable show?

9 thoughts on “I Miss You, Old Glee

  1. I stopped after season 2 and always meant to pick it up again but then Cory died and a little bit of my heart broke. I can’t even watch the old episodes now.


  2. This question keeps me up at night. What happened, indeed?! I quit watching about halfway through the second season. Something was lost and has never been regained…


  3. I think that a few things happened.

    1) The show was about the underdog. And when they won nationals the underdog storyline was no longer relevant.

    2) Fox started making a lot of money from the downloads of the songs. It became more about making money then telling a good story. I wonder if song choices were made before stories were written.

    3) When the first cast graduated high school, the show added new characters but they felt tacked on. Then new mean girl cheerleader? The new talented misfit? It felt recycled.

    4) The joy that I left from the show in the first two seasons is gone. It seems like the people who make this show are working.

    Clearly, I spend too much time alone.


  4. My sentiments exactly. In season one and two it was a show about a show choir, in the following seasons it became a musical/show about high school. That shift made all the difference.


  5. A friend on Twitter said she stopped watching when it became clear that they didn’t care about character arc or continuity, which was bullseye for me. The quarterback is a lovable, one-woman guy. He’s a skeezy collegiate alcoholic! The guy in the wheelchair is a sweet, easygoing guy. He’s a power-hungry monster! The cheerleader is a virgin preppy priss. She’s an unwed mother then an angry punk then a figure of wisdom. I feel like Santana was the only one who remained relatively constant and she still discovers her sexuality halfway through. They didn’t let you keep loving people, because you never knew who you’d get from episode to episode.


  6. I was with you until that last Britany episode which just made zero sense. They lost me mid season two when they started just reusing plots from season 1 but with no meaning attached. The writers treated the characters like mindless puppets who did whatever was needed for the plot; they ceased to be the actual characters we had grown to know. And they wrote it off by saying that “teens are changeable”. Lazy writing.

    Oh and the songs started to be slapped in there randomly without any sense or reason.


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