Resolved, 2014

The New Year. She is upon us.

Twenty fourteen, we meet you with glasses raised, and shoulders squared. Resolved:

Eat more snacks.
You want to have 15 meals a day, but still support your weight on your own feeble ankles? Snacks! You want to consume something that has a jingle you can hum while you eat it? Snacks! You want food that can be lifted to your mouth using only your tongue? Snacks!

This year, I shall eat tiny things by the thousands using only my fingers. Fun size, 2014.

Make cool stuff.
A little while ago, this thing didn’t exist, but then you made it. So now it does. Because you are a sorcerer, and triumph is your currency.

This year, I will start dozens of things, and then I will finish them. Projects, 2014.

Art by Jorge Aijon.

Mess around.
Man. Making out, right? Someone should tell the youth. Kissy face, 2014.

Dress real cute.
Sometimes you’re having a crap day. You wake up feeling akimbo, and you spill something, right before you break something, and over breakfast you ponder whether you are an imposter in your own life. But then! You put on a tweed skirt, and you are quite careful with your lipstick, and you lace up some charming ankle boots, tie the bows just so, and everything is a little easier.

Cute clothes make me feel cozy, and tidy, and fit for bookstore browsing. Dress for the job you want. Girl armor, 2014.

That’s how my year is shaping up. Do you have any fun resolutions? Tell.

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6 thoughts on “Resolved, 2014

  1. Get a tattoo about my commitment to staying positive and go to an English country dance, a la Pride and Prejudice. And take a hip hop class. 🙂


  2. I am going to sporadically write cards and letters. Not aiming for holidays or anniversaries, just sending out the odd, unexpected piece of mail.

    Not for nothing, our post office always has on classic rock and the clerks sing, so it isn’t entirely altruistic, I enjoy the trips.


  3. 1. Write 200 words every day. I know it’s not a lot, but I need to write and I always have a million reasons why I shouldn’t start today. So, baby steps.

    2. Kayak at least once a week. I live on a boat. The kayak is right outside. This is a no brainer.

    3. Remember how complicated everyone is. Even the grouchy lady at the grocery store is just as intricate a mosaic on the inside as I am. Why is that so easy to forget?


  4. I’m getting back into knitting, and
    I’m finding a physical activity I like as much in winter as I do in summer (i.e. not running outdoors) and
    I’m remembering all my nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays. Maybe just remembering them is enough this year!


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