Web Crush: Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mike’s

Pip Lincolne is an Aussie writer and artist who blogs at Meet Me at Mike’s. I got to meet her as part of my Go Australia trip. I asked Claire Robertson of Loobylu, “Who should I meet up with, now that you’re not in Australia anymore?” And she suggested Pip.

PIP LINCOLNE is beloved because:

• She’s intentional. Pip engages in little self-tuning projects. While I was there, she was working on being kinder to her body, and considerate of how her actions affected people in her family or online community.
• She’s curious. This is such a big deal to me in a person. Pip is always learning about this or that, and sharing what she hears.
• She has a sweetness about her. Her Softies for Mirabel project delivers handmade toys to kids in need. And the project feels like an extension of her — a person who likes to make things and give little gifts.

From Meet Me at Mike’s:

“I like it that having a blog or reading blogs reminds you that life can change all the time. That you can be interested and inspired by different things on different days. That the search for things that excite or inform or impress or motivate you can be undertaken on a regular basis. That looking for things that pique your interest is a perfectly valuable thing to do. That today’s view doesn’t have to be tomorrow’s.” Read More

We had a fancy dinner together as part of my trip, and she made me feel lucky to still be making friends as a grownup.

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