Using Calendars to Track New Goals and Habits

20th November 2013

Desktop Perpetual Calendar

I sometimes make paper charts for my goals, so I can check things off as I go. This year, I’m using calendars to help implement some new habits.

Red Star Ink Simple Wall Calendar

I tend to like plain ones, so I can add my own imagery and color around a goal.

Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit

But I also love this celestial one because you can whisper reach for the stars!, and then look around to make sure no one heard you while you check off your goals with little gold stars.

Karolin Schnoor Wall Calendar

On this one you can mark each day with a colorful icon, and at the end the tattooed lady is a bright tapestry of accomplishment. You go getter.

I did a Plain and Simple, 2014 Calendar Roundup on Pinterest with all my favorites, so go have a look if you also like to mark your progress with gold old pen and ink. Or if you just need a calendar.

And while you’re here, how do you track progress with new habits?

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8 thoughts on “Using Calendars to Track New Goals and Habits

  1. Sally

    Some lovely choices! Love the lady wall calendar. I’m fond of the good ol’ calendar too. Thick, uncoated paper is also a must for circling and scribbling on x

  2. Rachael

    I used the Neu Year calendar ( this year, and ordered one for next year too. It’s got the whole year at a glance, with space to write things on. I got fancy and color coded it–black was every day stuff like doctor’s appointments, etc. Pink was birthdays. Green was my husband, specifically. Blue was my work stuff. Red was trips. It really helped keep us on the same page and not as over scheduled as we have (I have) been in the past.

  3. Genesis Hansen

    I’ve used calendars, but I have the best success with making my own version of a sticker chart like you use for kids’ chore charts, etc. Something about my inner over-achiever just loves getting a little star sticker on that stupid chart.

  4. Krista

    I know it doesn’t have the tactile joy of a physical calendar, but I’ve discovered and I love it. You have a little pixel character, and she/he levels up as you meet your goals, and is injured as you fail. Sometimes, the only thing that gets me to floss is knowing that my character will die if I don’t.

  5. Colleen

    I absolutely LOVE the really simple one. For years I’ve needed to actually make my own. As you well know, I love kittens and chickens as much as anyone, but NOT on my calendar!

  6. Christina

    While I’m a pen and paper person, I’ve really enjoyed the Habits List app for the iPhone. It’s pretty, you can mess with the fonts, and it is really handy.

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