Housekeeping Question

Hello! Remember last year when I was doing my charity:water fundraising for Camp Mighty? If you donated with the notation “Maggie Mason finds me attractive” and sent me your address, you should have received a letter from me — or a package if you donated over $100. A reader mentioned that she hadn’t received hers in comments, and I want to make sure no one else fell through the cracks. If you should have received something from me but didn’t, will you please drop me a line (and include your address) at maggie at mighty girl dot com? Thanks.

For the third year, Camp Mighty attendees, including me, are raising $20K for charity:water before we meet up. If you’d like to donate this year, you can do that here. Just add “Mighty Girl” to the notation field so we know where you came from. And thank you, nice person.

One thought on “Housekeeping Question

  1. Hi Maggie, I’ve sent you two emails with no response so I decided to reach out this way b/c I’m afraid I’m landing in spam! (I am an over $100 donor who is hoping for a letter for a friend.) If you didn’t receive my email, could you please contact me at luckymomma at mac dot com?
    thanks, Erin


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