Outside Lands 2013

As I mentioned Friday, it can be tough to dress for the Outside Lands music festival. I wore my stand-by boots with this simple grey knit dress on Friday. Man, I need some more comfortable, flat boots.

I also need a haircut.

Anyway, I had layers, because I am no fool. I packed a thin, long-sleeved grey T-shirt for under my dress, a navy knit scarf, a pair of socks to pull on over my tights, and this coat Mai found for me at the flea market. Mai is a fashion photographer and stylist, so when she forces an item of clothing on me I feel compelled to comply. In addition to finding me clothes, she took these photos.

This is what Mai wore. Her outfits always have such a sense of humor. On Sunday, she wore a thrifted skirt that was a celebration of oil drilling. There were seriously hand painted oil rigs all over it. Why do I not have a photo of this? Anyway, trust.

Mai has been blogging over at Fashioni.st for years, and for the next few days I’ll be featuring more of her Outside Lands photos. Please know that for every comfortable, well-dressed person, there were 200 women in tiny shorts and midi tops, with blue lips and tears standing in their eyes. I should have brought blankets for everyone. Next year.

Sartorial suffering aside, the music was great. I recently added “See 1,000 bands play live” to my Life List, so I started writing stories over on Go Mighty. Have a look:

Wild Belle
Jessie Ware
Band of Horses
Chic, Featuring Nile Rodgers
Paul McCartney
Vampire Weekend
Willie Nelson
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ten down, 990 to go.

I only got to go Friday and half of Sunday, but I’m already looking forward to next year. Are you a festival person (music or otherwise)? If you have tips for getting through a long weekend with nothing but a tote bag, let us know in comments.

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8 thoughts on “Outside Lands 2013

  1. Oh man – I would love to go to Outside Lands, sounds amazing!

    My festival two cents – tho most of the festivals I go to (here in the Midwest) are at height of summer and the struggle is to stay cool.
    So I always make sure I have a few of those collapsible paper fans (great to have and great to offer to other sweltering music fans) and a pump spray mister (like $8 on amazon). Granola bars / pb sammiches and frozen bottles of water wrapped in foil. Of course a sunscreen stick, bug spray.
    I’m also a big fan of small foldable umbrellas with a good pattern on it – can be used for sunshade, quick naps, as well as finding your group amongst the crowd after a bathroom room.
    *Imperative* glow stick/flashlights! Great way to mark your site / always helpful to have a flashlight.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s suggestions!


  2. You look great in these photos. (I look burdened.) Every OSL I go to, I get better at packing for. Besides choosing a silhouette for the weekend and sticking to it, a book bag with a water bottle, a big scarf for sitting on, a pair of tights, a sweatshirt, and small jacket (though I never needed to wear both the sweatshirt and jacket, it was mentally hard to leave either at home) were perfect this year. On Friday and Saturday, I also packed gluten free energy bars, but didn’t miss them on Sunday.

    Also, it was great to go to another OSL with you and to swoon to Rhye together.


  3. You guys both look great! I think I saw Mai on Sunday, actually – long blue skirt and blue top? With cute bootlets?

    I wore skinny jeans, saddle shoes, and vintage tshirts under blazers. I packed snacks (cheddar bunnies, grapes, protein bars, bottled water), bought a sweatshirt the last day, and baby wipes. Baby wipes make the porto-pot situation much more manageable.


  4. That coat is entirely fantastic! And I am with you on the need for comfy, flat boots. I hoping there will be some cute (and affordable) styles available this autumn.


  5. Kelly – Yep, that was me. My blue sweatshirt obscured my fuchsia blouse and the denim skirt had the above referenced oil drill painted on. Someone really wanted to celebrate Texas with that skirt (and I wanted to celebrate that they painted that – in the 1970s, no less – when gas flowed freely and we had the large cars to prove it.) A personal thing that makes the oil drilling skirt particularly humorous; I almost exclusively bike everywhere.


  6. That is pretty hilarious. Oh man, fuchsia blouse? That sounds like my jam.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who dressed appropriately. I kept wanting to offer hot chocolate to the young ladies wearing tiny denim shorts and cut-out tops.


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