75 Ideas for the Tail End of Summer

Summer is already half way over? Whiplash.

Amber and I spent the last few days putting together this list of 75 Ideas for Summer. Each goal has a story with links to resources, so both of us kept falling down Internet rabbit holes. A few of the best things we came across:

• A ludicrously easy way to fill and tie water balloons.
• The rules for Croquet, The Drinking Game
• A video of Ginger Rogers doing the Charleston
• 31 Habits that up your chances of living to 100.
• A Ben Howard video with a enormous homemade slip ‘n’ slide.
• 30 Writing Tips from Famous Authors
• Black Tie Picnic!
• The New Yorker on Why We Should Memorize Poetry
• Super detailed maps and trail lists for a trip to the Redwoods
50 Places to Make Out Before You Die

I’d forgotten about summer sledding, which I used to do all the time in college. Also, did you know it only takes 729 people to set a skinny dipping world record? It seems like we could take that.

The #gosummer game is still in effect. If you tag your goals and stories on Go Mighty, we’ll enter you for a chance to win a ticket to Camp Mighty.

Let me know your favorite quirky summer thing, and maybe we’ll add it to the list for next year.

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