Lost in a Paper Bag

27th June 2013

Last night, I spent several minutes trying to break into the apartment downstairs from mine.

The doors are identical, and they have the same apartment number painted above the door. I fiddled with my keys for 10 minutes, but when I began some exploratory shoulder throws into the stuck door a young man opened it. He looked very composed for someone who had clearly just retrieved his clothes from the floor.

Startled, I peered past him into Not My Apartment.

Are you upstairs?, he asked in Spanish.
Yes, I said. Possibly. Apologies.

I really should keep a bottle of wine in the apartment.

7 thoughts on “Lost in a Paper Bag

  1. Sheri | Really Most Sincerely

    Last fall I booked an airbnb in Ocean Beach, which did not have a shower. The host said, “Just walk up to our apartment.” So the next morning I did. Only, there was a 2nd floor apt and 3rd floor apt. I rolled the dice, opened the unlocked door and had a nice shower. As I’m shutting the apartment door with a towel on my head a guy (not my host) walks up the stairs and says, “Hi? That’s my apartment?”

    Yeah. I bathed in a stranger’s apartment. Super dignified moment.

  2. Joanne DeWald

    1983 … senior class trip to florida … pool party at the hotel … i went up to our hotel room to retrieve something. i fiddled with the key for a moment but it DID open the door. as i swung the door open i realized i was in the right room but on the wrong floor. it wasn’t MY room. i am SO GLAD no one was standing there looking at me when i opened the door. i just quietly closed it and snuck away.

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  4. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    Okay, this just shows you how sexually bored I am being a monogamous wife for fifteen years even though I’m lucky to have my husband who has gorgeous blue eyes and a generous ________ (fill in the blank), but what I thought, when said Spaniard opened the door, was that you would simply walk into his arms for mad, passionate grappling that would culminate in a road trip to Vegas, baby.

  5. Jessi

    Who has the exact same number on different apartments? Seriously! The good news is that you probably will never make this mistake again…

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