Put This in Your Ears Project: 2013 Mixes so Far

The Put This in Your Ears Project is proceeding apace, and I’m focusing on songs that came out in 2012-2013 so follow along if you’d like to add some new music to your collection. Here are the finished mixes so far, and the June mix is almost complete too.

Also, I use re/spin to repost finished playlists on Rdio. It takes like 15 seconds, and I cannot recommend it enough.

May 2013 on Spotify
May 2013 on Rdio

April 2013 on Spotify
April 2013 on Rdio

March 2013 on Spotify
March 2013 on Rdio

5 thoughts on “Put This in Your Ears Project: 2013 Mixes so Far

  1. OH, I was just asking a friend for new music recommendations because I’m sick of my usual playlists. Good timing!
    (And I feel like I’m comment-bombing you today, but your posts are so lovely and comment-able!)


  2. Yay, new music! I am listening to “The Magic Clap” right now and am suppressing the urge to host a dance party in my office. It would be frowned upon, sadly.

    Have you heard “East Coast Girl” or “Cayucos” by the band Cayucas? Those are good summery songs.

    Also “On My Way” by The Melodic and “Sea of Air” by Portugal. The Man. And “Lightning Bolt” by Jake Bugg.

    OK, off to mine your list for more new listening! Super-thanks for posting this today!


  3. As always, excellent and appreciated timing, Maggie. I’ve been going through a rough patch, and all of my usual music has been making my eyes leak. Hooray for new sounds for my brain!


  4. Thank you! I am so appreciative of you taking the time to distill it down a little–I love that a problem we have these days is volume of artists/songs (pardon the pun) but hate that because there’s so much great stuff out there it’s hard for this working mama to connect with new music like I used to. I’m curious if you would ever be interested in posting about how you play your music at home? The laptop/iPhone on the counter just doesn’t cut it for those must-happen-NOW dance party moments so we’re working right now to get everything in one place with access to a dock. Does that even make sense?


  5. Oh, thank goodness for new music! I’m wondering if you’ve heard of Elk & Boar? Probably not; they’re a small duo out of Tacoma (near Seattle). But based on your playlists, I think you might like them – they’re kind of folksy/bluesy/americana. The track “Something” is a good introduction, “Baby Please” is a gut punch to anyone who’s ever watched a love fade (hello, EVERYONE), and “Best Year” is like a dreamy Go Mighty life list lullaby-anthem. http://elkandboar.bandcamp.com/


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