Oysters in the Panhandle

15th May 2013

Last weekend we were invited to Matt’s birthday. We met in the park to BBQ and kill oysters together. It was magical.

A couple of Matt’s friends woke up at the crack of ungodly, drove to the Tomales Bay Oyster Company and brought home a cooler of fresh oysters. If you live nearby, you should do this. It’s $40 for a bag of 50 oysters, and if you bring them into the city, you can have margaritas without worrying about how you’ll get back from Tomales Bay. Genius.

I’d never shucked an oyster before, but some friends at the party showed me how, and it’s surprisingly easy.

You hold the oyster in a towel or with a glove, then wedge a knife in any chink you find, preferably near the shell’s joint, but whatever. Then you wiggle the knife back and forth until you see a bit of water seeping out from the shell.

Once you do, push the knife in and pry upward to pop the shell open halfway. Then use your knife to disengage the oyster from its attachment to the shell. Sorry oyster.

We ate all the oysters and Jasper got into the tequila.

New goal for summer: Spend most of my time in the company of shellfish.

Oh, and this guy.