One of Us

At breakfast, someone at the counter yells, “YAYUS! CAKE!” So I have to get up, and find her, and ask her to come with me everywhere I go.

5 thoughts on “One of Us

  1. WHERE is that cake!?!?! It’s neigh impossible to find a Champagne cake with the huge pink chocolate ribbons like that. Jealous. For many reasons, but for today, of your cake.


  2. It’s at the Madonna Inn in CA. Apparently they’re known for it, I’d never seen one before.


  3. I live about a mile from Madonna Inn. I’ve gained 5 pounds since I moved to SLO two years ago–at least half of that is directly attributable to pink champagne cake (and lemon coconut cake and black forest cake and toffee cake (we celebrate a lot of good things with cake from Madonna)).


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