Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

A lot of good stories were shared on Go Mighty last week:

– Are you a hugger? Sara needs your help.
– “She was timid, fearful. She wasn’t sure of her place in the world, and she cared far too much about the opinions of others. The girl that sobbed on I-75 south from Cleveland, Tennessee to Atlanta in 2001 has been replaced by this woman who stopped waiting for her life to start.” Jessie, is beginning a new adventure.
– Sharon is on week 17 of her portrait project.
– My friend Jessica crossed something major off of her list. Congrats, sis.
– Sarah shares what she chose to do with her $1,000 Life List grant. It’s a good thing.

Go Mighty is still in beta, but we’re processing invitations within about 24 hours now, so come add your Life List and tell us what goal you’re crossing off next.

Photo by Sharon

2 thoughts on “Life List Inspiration from Go Mighty

  1. I love this! With so many bad stories in the news, it is nice to find so many good and inspiring stories in one place. The like the name “Go mighty” too.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing my goal here. It feels so good to do things for other people. Thank you for helping me with that! You guys are mighty awesome!


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