Thank a Writer Project: Where to Send an Author Thank You Letter

4th April 2013

We’re in the third week of our Go Mighty Thank a Writer Project, and lots of you have asked where to send your notes when you don’t have an address. I asked Nathan, who knows this sort of thing. He says to look up the publisher’s address in the book and then send it to:

Author Name
c/o Publisher Name, Author Mail

So this note I’m sending this week is addressed like this:

Ms. Judith Martin
c/o Crown Publisher’s Inc., Author Mail
201 East 50th St.
New York, NY 10022

To read my note to Miss Manners and the rest of my notes, head over to my Life List on Go Mighty. And remember to tag your notes #ThankAWriter. Every tagged note is an entry to win the first six editions in the gorgeous Penguin Classics Drop Cap series:

Come here, you beautiful books, let’s cuddle.