Movie Night at the Barn

25th March 2013

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai.

Do you guys remember this hubbity bubba?

That tiny man turned six in February, and he’s shaving now. He wears my socks. He is big enough that I can no longer carry him in from the car when he’s sleeping. Oh, my heart.

For his birthday I wanted to do a movie night, where everyone cozies up under blankets and you pass warm beverages around in thermoses. My sister has a red barn that was built for maximum quaint-itude, so I bribed Hank’s cousins to clean it out for us (thanks, Trevor and Emma!), and we had the party there.

All the little city kids chased goats and chickens around screaming, swung on the tire swing, roasted weenies, and posed briefly for a Norman Rockwell painting.

We had cupcakes with spray-painted farm animal toppers, fired up the popcorn machine (surprisingly cheap to rent, by the way), and ladled hot cider. As you’ll see in the video below, it was kind of an epic day.

We have video because Hyundai loaned us a car for a couple days and asked if they could film the party. Hank is way into making movies — I’ve been stalling on his oft-repeated request for his own YouTube channel — so I said yes. Of course, I was picturing some guy with a camcorder, hanging out and having cake with us.

Uh… as you will see, they went all out. It was a whole crew with a trailer and thingies to attach cameras to the car. They even complied with Hank’s request to yell “ACTION!” while we bumped up the country backroads. It was all very satisfying and movie-makey for Hank’s taste.

Of course, Hank has been asking about the movie for weeks while they edited everything together. The end result is both gorgeous and a little surreal for me, but he is very excited that you get to see it. So without further ado, Hank’s small screen debut:

Happy birthday, little buddy. I’m so lucky I get to mom you.

19 thoughts on “Movie Night at the Barn

  1. Nora

    Oooh, I want to do this too. My husband has a digital projector he uses for his art, and we live in a marina, so it seems natural that we should show a movie projected up on a sail some night. And now I’m going to have to rent the popcorn maker, too.

    On a smaller scale, we did an outdoor showing of The Thin Man for my friend Liza’s bachelorette party a few years back. It was awesome, albeit chilly.

  2. misstraceynolan

    Hank! You’re a STAR! Wow, Hyundai wasn’t kidding around with this, were they? Great stuff! PS – I have screen a movie in our backyard on my life list already, but it is getting bumped up to “priority mode” after seeing this.

  3. Auntie

    Hank has an Oscar in his future for sure! So, how do you get a 6 year old not to look at the camera?

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